Once again, Mazda has revved up its competitive edge with four models earning the highest accolades from the 2018 Car Guide: The MAZDA3 in the Compact cars category, the Mazda CX-3 in the Sub-compact SUVs category, the Mazda CX-5 in the Compact SUVs under $40,000 category and, finally, the Mazda MX-5 in the Convertibles and roadsters under $50,000 category.

Consumers turn to the Car Guide as an expert, unbiased source when they’re thinking about getting behind the wheel of a new car. So what did the Car Guide see in the Mazda line-up that convinced them that these vehicles deserved top honours?

The MAZDA3: Best Buy in the Compact cars category

What they love: The current design, the dynamic ride, the precise shifting, and the fact that the steering is a model of precision, helping the driver feel really connected to the road. Add to that economic fuel consumption, a user-friendly infotainment system and an Active Driving Display that they deem “ingenious.”

What they say: “The Mazda3 continues to stand out due to its dynamics, style, and versatility that makes it one of the driving forces in its segment.”

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The Mazda CX-3: Best Buy in the Sub-compact SUVs category
What they love: The sporty ride, the precise handling and the impressive torque, with “the real magic” in the chassis and suspension, which provide the kind of handling that they say makes the Mazda CX-3 feel more like a sports car than a small SUV.

What they say: “For those looking for a little fun in their otherwise committed adult lives, the CX-3 is without a doubt the choice to make.”

“The four-wheel drive system offers maximum traction in snow… You’ll be won over by the Mazda CX-3’s ride.”

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The Mazda CX-5: Best Buy in the Compact SUVs under $40,000 category

What they love: The G-vectoring stability control system, the precise steering, the quiet ride (thanks to thicker windows and ample soundproofing), and all the little details, like the updated design of the door handles, the exterior rear view mirrors and the back doors.

What they say: “The CX-5 compact SUV has the ‘it’ factor.”

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The Mazda MX-5: Best Buy in the Convertibles and roadsters under $50,000 category

What they love: Its visceral appeal, its “exquisitely precise” stick, its light build (it weighs barely 1,000 kilos) and its weight-to-power ratio that enables the driver to go from 0 to 100 km/hour in just 7 seconds.

What they say: “Of the tens of thousands of cars designed for about a hundred years, very few have captured the essence of the automobile and become something more than a simple car. One such car is the Mazda MX-5.”

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