QuickLube at Sydney Mazda

Sydney Mazda, a local import dealer into its second decade in business, has expanded its service department to include a Quick Lube Service at 303 Welton St.

Quick Lube at Sydney Mazda

In & Out – While You Wait!




Owner Mike Perry explains, “we saw an opportunity there in the marketplace. Everyone knows that time is a precious thing these days for most people with work, kids etc. We want to make it easy for people to get the necessary service they require for their vehicles.”

Is this for Mazda owners only?

Absolutely not! We would like every vehicle owner in the metro area to take advantage of this service. We know that the wait-time for an oil change at some dealers is extensive; at some places you have to wait weeks. Our goal is to change your oil when you want it changed. Hence our “no appointment necessary” and the “drive up” policies. We have the largest service department in Cape Breton.

What are Mazda’s goals in offering this service?

Our goal is for you to Drive up, Drive in and Drive out. It’s that simple! Your wait-time will be minimal – of that you can rest assured! We have hired and trained extra technicians who will only do oil changes and regular maintenance. Plus, we are offering this service from 8 a.m. to 3.30 p.m. daily for your convenience (well, Monday – Friday anyway).

Does this affect my warranty?

This is a warranty-approved service. Plus, we conserve records of all service performed should you require them. We are as well an authorized dealer for every extended warranty out there including GMPP. No matter where you purchased your vehicle, we can do your maintenance.

How does someone find you?

Well, you can visit us on the site and contact us online, call us at (902)564-3100 or just drive up to 303 Welton St, pull up to the bay door, honk the horn and let us treat you and your vehicle right. Don’t worry about taking your coat off, you won’t be here that long!

Sydney Mazda is proud to be the only Mazda dealer on Cape Breton Island.