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Dedicated Service 27/04/2016

"I purchased my Mazda brand new in 2015. I noticed there was a little black plastic piece missing from my front bumper. I had mentioned it to Rob who I'm assuming is the Service Manager In Sydney. 2 years went by, while I had my car in for an update and a couple other things, Rob came out of his office with this black plastic part. He had said it's been on his desk for 2 years just couldn't remember the customer. I was kind of blown away that he would remember. Very satisfied with his customer service!"

-Amanda C-

Always here to help! 27/04/2016

 "Jim was amazing! I'm so happy we got his assistance when purchasing this car!"

-Danielle F-

Part of the Family 27/04/2016

They treat you like family. One of the salesmen sat and chatted with us while the car was being serviced, time went by very fast.

-Donna O-

Fast and friendly! 27/04/2016

"Always super nice and go out of their way to get me back to work on time"

-John Gary C-

Going over and above expectations 27/04/2016

"Upon contacting the service department and speaking with Amanda, she went over and above the service I required and also corrected a recall on my vehicle fast and efficiently. It was great customer service. In the past I have been more towards Honda but with the service I received and the quality of the vehicle it will be Mazda from this point forward. Thank you to the service department for all there help and look forward to dealing with them in the future."

-Roger G-

Professional customer engagement 27/04/2016

"Our sales person, John Vickers was great. He has an excellent approach, not the least bit aggressive but at the same time very engaged with the potential buyer. We were completely satisfied. If we could afford to buy another vehicle right now we'd go back to him in a heartbeat."

-Francis R-

Excellent customer service 27/04/2016

"We were treated very well by staff and we appreciated that very much. Thank You"

-Karen H-

Considerate & Caring 27/04/2016

"I like that I am not always confronted by the suggestion of other work that needs to be done on my car like I was at Toyota. I left Toyota because of this practice in their service department."

-Wayne G-

Pleasant and helpful 27/04/2016

"The people at Sydney Mazda were very pleasant and I am happy with the information they provided and the work that was done!"

-Chad B-